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Products and Services

Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Government Agencies

Regardless of what your requirements are, American can provide you with the mix that you need. We have a variety of standard mixes for each of the industries. Can't find a match in our standard line of mixes? No problem! At American we will provide you with a customized mix per your specifications just for your specific project.

Standard Mixes

  • Lightweight Mixes
  • Color Mixes
  • High-Early Strength
  • Pervious (great for water drainage)
  • Footers Mixes
  • Wall Mixes
  • Driveway Mixes
  • Interior Mixes

Have a need for Add on Products? We deliver these to your job site along with your concrete!

  • Surface Retardants
  • Sealers - Clear, Brown, Gray
  • 4 Mil Polyethylene Roll
  • Rebar
  • Expansion Joints
  • Test Cylinders
  • And more

We also can satisfy your need for Admixture Products:

Accelerants - Great for quicker set times in cold weather!

  • Non-Chloride Accelerator
  • High-Early Accelerator
  • Liquid Calcium Chloride Accelerator

Water Reducing Admixtures - Allows you to have a high-slump mix with good flow without the water!

  • Mid-Range (MRWR)
  • Superplastizer (HRWR)

Retarding Admixtures - Allows you more time to work your concrete!

Exposed Aggregate - Looking for an exposed aggregate finish. This is your answer!

  • Pea Gravel
  • Other Gravels

Fiber - Helps reduce plastic shrinkage cracking and helps hold your slabs and walls together.

Colors - What's your pleasure? American can match most colors. If we don't have the manufacturer color in your specifications, we will provide an approved alternate.

Cement - Add more cement to get more strength! We can add this to your mix or if you prefer we will deliver bags of cement to your job site for your use.

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